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Reviews and Awards

Manchester Scholarship Online contains a wide range of well-reviewed titles. Please read on to find out more.

'In terms of how to construct a historical account, this a is a model book, weaving interviews with former party members with detailed archival trawls.  Highly readable...an engaging and revelatory book.'
- Review of A history of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, blogs.lse.ac.uk, Jon Tonge, March 2012

The wide-ranging nature of this well-researched volume fills a sizeable gap in the published study of the workings of the Northern Ireland Labour Party (NILP)
- Review of A history of the Northern Ireland Labour Party, Condren, J., Political Studies Review, 1st May 2010

'The author provides some useful insights into the persistence of inter-bloc rivalry amid peace in the province.'
- Review of Socio-ideological fantasy and the Northern Irelan conflict, Jon Tonge - University of Liverpool

'Reid makes his case well, and the book will be read by many who find it intellectually stimulating, convincing and rewarding.'
- Review of The Tide of Democracy, Jim Phillips, History Scotland, July 2011

'This intelligent, important contribution to British labour studies belongs in every library with even passing collections on modern British History.'
- Review of The Tide of Democracy, CHOICE, June 2011

'A book that seeks to go beyond  the idea of migration policy as the product of competing economic interests.  This account...contains fascinating chapters on the role of experts in policymaking, and how they thrive in certain bureaucratic set-ups.'
- Review of Managing labour migration in Europe, Toby Vogel, European Voice, p. 14, March 2011

'Bellamy's analysis is highly persuasive and his material is well researched and skillfully presented.  This book represents an excellent synthesis of the complex nature of Croatian national identity.  Bellamy provides us with a fascinating and well-documented account of Croatia.' 
- Review of The formation of Croatian national identity, Robert d. Greenberg, Yale University and University of New Haven, Slavic Review, 2007

'I warmly recommend this book to those interested in issues of migration, lifestyle and mobility. Its accessible writing style and the multiple examples make it a good read for scholars, students and the broader public wanting to know what life of British migrants in rural France ‘really’ looks like.'
- Review of The British in Rural France, Noel B. Salazar, University of Leuven, The Sociological Review, June 2012
- Shortlisted for the British Sociological Association (BSA) Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 2012

'An outstanding contribution to the comparative analysis of devolution.'
- Review of Beyond devolution and decentralisation, Charlie Jeffery, Professor of Politics, Edinburgh University

'This is a well-researched, articulate and convincing book, with relevance to scholars interested in Israel as well as the broader conceptual aspects of democracy.'
- Review of The Israeli response to Jewish extremism and violence in Political Studies Review, Vol 1 No.3, Sept 2003

'Producing Globalisation is an excellent and original comparative study of how globalisation is articulated by leading political parties, social and religious leaders, and the media in Ireland and Greece.'
- Review of Producing Globalisation in Political Studies Review, Liam Stanley, May 2012