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Alan Clarke$

Dave Rolinson

Print publication date: 2011

Print ISBN-13: 9780719068300

Published to Manchester Scholarship Online: July 2012

DOI: 10.7228/manchester/9780719068300.001.0001

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(p.158) Appendix: television programmes directed by Alan Clarke

(p.158) Appendix: television programmes directed by Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke
Manchester University Press

The listing shows the television programmes and three cinema films directed by Alan Clarke between 1967 and 1989. Information is given about the play strand or series in which each production appeared, the production company which made it and the broadcaster which transmitted (tx) it. To reflect the television climate of the time, ITV regional transmissions are included. I have excluded repeat transmissions for reasons of space (although the bibliography contains information on BBC2's tribute season). Writers (w.) are indicated, as are producers (prod.). Because this book is about a director, this listing differs from others in the series: script editors are not listed, but cast members are, as are designers (des.) and (only in productions made entirely on film) film cameramen or directors of photography (DoP), who play a crucial role in the realisation of a director's vision. I have indicated commercial availability, and where recordings are known to be lost from the archives. Corrections are welcomed for any future edition.

Half Hour Story: Shelter, 1967, 26 min.

(w. Alun Owen, prod. Stella Richman, des. David Catley)

Cast: Wendy Craig (The Girl), Colin Blakely (The Man)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 15 May, 10.05pm (Border, Channel Islands, Southern, Ulster)

Regional variations: 16 May, 9.55pm (Granada), 10.10pm (Tyne Tees), 11.05pm (Midlands), 19 May, 9.10pm (Associated Rediffusion), 10.39pm (Anglia), 22 May, 10.05pm (Grampian), 8 July, 9.25pm (Teledu Cymru);Not transmitted in Scotland or Television Wales and West (TWW)

Half Hour Story: A Man Inside, 1967, 26 min.

(w. Pauline Macaulay, prod. Stella Richman, des. Michael Yates)

Cast: Freddie Jones (Walter Bishop), Yvonne Antrobus (Cynthia Smith), (p.159) Nicholas Evans (Harvey), Darryl Read (Delivery boy)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 22 May, 10.05pm (Border, Channel Isles, Southern, Ulster)

Regional variations: 23 May, 9.55pm (Granada), 10.10pm (Tyne Tees), 11.10pm (Midlands), 26 May, 9.10pm (Associated Rediffusion), 11.10pm (Anglia), 29 May, 9.10pm (Grampian), 15 July, 9.25pm (Teledu Cymru), 24 August, 10.30pm (Scotland); Not transmitted in TWW

* No recording exists

Half Hour Story: The Gentleman Caller, 1967, 26 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Stella Richman, des. Andrew Drummond)

Cast: George Cole (Hicks), Tony Selby (Ged), Mike Pratt (Clack)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 12 June, 10.05pm (Border, Channel Isles, Granada, Southern, Ulster)

Regional variations: 13 June, 10.10pm (Tyne Tees), 10.55pm (Midlands), 16 June, 9.10pm (Associated Rediffusion), 10.39pm (Anglia), 19 June, 10.05pm (Grampian), 5 August, 9.25pm (Teledu Cymru), 7 September, 10.30pm (Scotland); Not in TWW

* No recording exists

Half Hour Story: Which of These Two Ladies Is He Married To?, 1967, 26 min.

(w. Edna O’Brien, prod. Stella Richman, des. John Emery)

Cast: Glenda Jackson (Claire Foley), Sheila Raynor (Norah Foley), William Squire (Alex Sandford)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 12 July, 9.00pm (Anglia, Associated Rediffusion, Border, Channel Isles, Grampian, Granada, Midlands, Scotland, Southern, Tyne Tees, Ulster)

Regional variation: 9 September, 9.25pm (Teledu Cymru)

* No recording exists

Half Hour Story: George's Room, 1967, 26 min.

(w. Alun Owen, prod. Stella Richman, des. Fred Pusey)

Cast: Geraldine Moffatt (the woman), John Neville (the man)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 30 August, 9.00pm (London)

Originally scheduled for 20 September, George's Room replaced the scheduled play Quick on the Takeover in the London region; I have been unable to confirm regional transmissions

* Only a 12-minute extract exists (p.160)

The Informer: Sleeping Dogs Lie, 1967, 53 min.

(w. Richard Harris, prod. John Whitney, executive prod. Stella Richman, des. Barbara Bates)

Cast: Ian Hendry (Alex Lambert), Heather Sears (Janet Lambert), Neil Hallett (Detective Sergeant Piper), George Murcell (Willie Cluff), Terence Rigby (Lomax), Raymond Smith (Anker), Stan Simmons (Mason), Redmond Bailey (Charlie (barman)), Terry Duggan (The Man with the paperback), David Brook (policeman)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 27 November, 10.30pm (Grampian, Midlands, Tyne Tees)

Regional variations: 29 November, 8.00pm (Anglia, Associated Rediffusion, Channel Isles, Granada, Teledu Cymru, TWW, Ulster), 30 November, 9.00pm (Southern), 27 December, 8.00pm (Border, Scotland)

* No recording exists

A Man of Our Times: Sally Go Round the Moon, 1968, 53 min.

(w. Julian Bond, prod. Richard Bates, executive prod. Stella Richman, des. Frank Nerini)

Cast: George Cole (Max Osborne), Jennifer Wilson (Muriel), Jean Harvey

(Sally), Norman Eshley (Simon), Margaret Boyd (Edie), Lucy Appleby (Clare), Christopher Witty (Michael), Michael Hall (head waiter)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 15 January, 10.30pm (Grampian, Midlands, Teledu Cymru, TWW, Tyne Tees)

Regional variations: 16 January, 10.30pm (Granada), 18 January, 9.00pm (Anglia, Associated Rediffusion, Border, Channel Isles, Southern), 11.20pm (Scotland)

A Man of Our Times: Got Yourself Sorted Out at All?, 1968, 53 min.

(w. Julian Bond, prod. Richard Bates, executive prod. Stella Richman, des. Barbara Bates)

Cast: George Cole (Max Osborne), Jennifer Wilson (Muriel), Jean Harvey (Sally), Charles Tingwell (David Somes), Clive Morton (Henry Somes), Maxine Audley (Mrs Alcon), Maurice Hedley (Prentic), Nora Swinburne (Mrs Prentic), Diana Beevers (Gwen), Gabrielle Blunt (Shirley), Penny Durrell, Athene Fielding (Secretaries), Richard Cornish (Young Man)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 22 January, 10.30pm (Grampian, Midlands, Teledu Cymru, TWW, Tyne Tees)

Regional variations: 23 January, 10.30pm (Granada), 25 January, 9.00pm (Anglia, Associated Rediffusion, Border, Channel Isles, Southern), 11.20pm (Scotland)

* No recording exists (p.161)

Half Hour Story: Goodnight Albert, 1968, 26 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Stella Richman, des. John Clarke)

Cast: Victor Henry (Albert), Gwen Nelson (Mrs Parker)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 6 February, 7.30pm (Anglia, Associated Rediffusion, Tyne Tees)

Regional variations: 7 February, 10.30pm (Channel Isles), 8 February, 10.30pm (Scotland, Southern), 12 March, 8.30pm (Grampian), 19 March, 8.35pm (Granada), 3 April, 9.10pm (Midlands), 26 April, 8.00pm (Channel Ten, Teledu Cymru); Not in Border or Ulster

A Man of Our Times: Never Mind How We Got Here – Where Are We?, 1968, 53 min.

(w. Julian Bond, prod. Richard Bates, executive prod. Stella Richman, des. Barbara Bates)

Cast: George Cole (Max Osborne), Jean Harvey (Sally), Peter Barkworth (Roberts), Basil Henson (Oliver Manson), Shelagh Fraser (Mrs Manson), Christopher Witty (Michael), Lucy Appleby (Clare), Bruce Robinson (RexManson), Reg Peters (Waiter), Ralph Ball (Lomax)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 11 March, 10.30pm (Channel Ten, Grampian, Midlands, Teledu Cymru, Tyne Tees)

Regional variations: 12 March, 10.30pm (Granada), 14 March, 9.00pm (Anglia, Associated Rediffusion, Border, Channel Isles, Southern), 11.20pm (Scotland)

* No recording exists

Half Hour Story: Stella, 1968, 26 min.

(w. Alun Owen, prod. Stella Richman, des. Bernard Goodwin)

Cast: Geraldine Moffatt (Stella), Ray Smith (the man)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 18 June, 10.30 (Channel Isles)

Regional variations: 19 June, 9.00pm (Associated Rediffusion, Border, Grampian, Midlands, Tyne Tees, Ulster), 10.30pm (Granada), 20 June, 10.30pm (Scotland, Southern); Not Anglia, Harlech, Teledu Cymru

Half Hour Story: The Fifty-Seventh Saturday, 1968, 26 min.

(w. William Trevor, prod. Stella Richman, des. John Clements)

Cast: Frances White (Mavie), Ronnie Fraser (McCarthy)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 2 July, 10.30pm (Channel Isles)

Regional variations: 3 July, 9.00pm (Associated Rediffusion, Border, (p.162) Grampian, Midlands, Tyne Tees, Ulster), 10.30pm (Granada), 4 July, 10.30pm (Scotland), 6 July, 10.45pm (Harlech, Teledu Cymru)

Half Hour Story: Nothing's Ever Over, 1968, 26 min.

(w. Edna O’Brien, prod. Stella Richman, des. Barbara Bates)

Cast: Michael Craig (Him), Eileen Atkins (Her), Bill Lyons (Her clerk), Desmond Newling (His clerk), Mischa de la Motte (Judge)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 16 July, 10.30pm (Channel Isles)

Regional variations: 17 July, 9.00pm (Associated Rediffusion, Border, Grampian, Midlands, Tyne Tees, Ulster), 10.30pm (Granada), 18 July, 10.30pm (Scotland), 19 July, 11.10pm (Southern), 20 July, 10.45pm (Harlech, Teledu Cymru); Not transmitted in Anglia

Half Hour Story: Thief, 1968, 26 min.

(w. Alun Owen, prod. Stella Richman, des. Fred Pusey)

Cast: Sian Phillips (A Girl), Alan Lake (A Man)

Associated Rediffusion for ITV, Tx: 23 July, 10.30pm (Channel Isles)

Regional variations: 24 July, 9.00pm (Associated Rediffusion, Border, Grampian, Midlands, Tyne Tees, Ulster), 10.30pm (Granada), 25 July, 10.30pm (Scotland, Southern); Not transmitted in Anglia, Harlech or Teledu Cymru

* No recording exists

Company of Five: Stand by Your Screen, 1968, 53 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Stella Richman, des. Roger Hall)

Cast: John Neville (Chris Gritter), Gwen Watford (Ada Gritter), Ann Bell (Bess Hogg), Cyril Luckham (Norman Gritter), Patricia Lawrence (MayGreen)

London Weekend Television (LWT) for ITV, Tx: 7 December, 9.55pm (Midlands, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire)

Regional variations: 8 December, 10.20pm (Anglia, Border, Grampian, Granada, Harlech, Harlech Wales, LWT), 14 December, 9.55pm (Central Scotland, Channel Isles); Not transmitted in Southern (who showed only three of the six Company of Five plays) (p.163)

Company of Five: Gareth, 1968, 53 min.

(w. Alun Owen, prod. Stella Richman, des. Frank Nerini)

Cast: John Neville (Gareth Owen), Gwen Watford (Megan Owen), Ann Bell (Anne Gordon), Ray Smith (Thomas Davies), Edward Evans (John Williams),‘Pant-Cymro’

LWT for ITV, Tx: 14 December, 9.55pm (Midlands, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire)

Regional variations: 15 December, 10.20pm (Anglia, Border, Grampian, Granada, Harlech, Harlech Wales, LWT), 21 December, 9.55pm (Central Scotland, Channel Isles); Not transmitted in Southern (see above)

Saturday Night Theatre: The Piano Tuner, 1969, 53 min.

(w. Julia Jones, prod. Kenith Trodd, des. John Clements)

Cast: Frank Finlay (Wilfred Tiley), Daphne Slater (Miss Delia), Shelagh Fraser (Daphne), Helen Lindsay (Blanche), Kenneth Keeling (Wally), Hazel Coppen (woman in pub), Patsy Crowther (second woman)

LWT for ITV, Tx: 8 March, 9.00pm (Grampian, London Weekend Television), 9.30pm (Anglia, Border, Central Scotland, Channel Isles, Granada, Harlech, Harlech Wales, Midlands, Southern, Tyne Tees, Westward), 11.40pm (Yorkshire)

The Gold Robbers: The Arrangement, 1969, 53 min.

(w. Eric Coltart, prod. John Hawkesworth, des. Colin Piggott)

Cast: Peter Vaughan (Detective Chief Superintendent Cradock), Arto Morris (Detective Sergeant Thomas), Donald Webster (Tilt), Johnny Wade (Eddie Makin), Maria Aitken (Val), Johnny Shannon (George Nechros), George Innes (Dillo), Ronald Clarke (Nobby Clarke), Coral Atkins (Arlene Makin), Eileen Way (The Dowager), Nicholas Ball (Terry Cradock), Peter Copley (Asst. Commd. Farr), David Webb (Constable Miles), Harry Hutchinson (snooker room attendant), Trevor Martin (Bernie Makin), Raymond Smith (Billy Sweet)

LWT for ITV, Tx: 25 July, 9.00pm (Anglia, Border, Central Scotland, Grampian, Granada, Harlech, Harlech Wales, LWT, Midlands, Southern, Tyne Tees)

Regional variation: 8 August, 9.00pm (Yorkshire)

Plays of Today: The Ladies: Doreen and Joan, 1969, 1 hr 32 min.

(w. Alun Owen, prod. Ronald Travers, des. Christopher Thompson)

Cast of Doreen: Alan Lake (John), Ray Smith (Eric), Juliette St David (p.164) (Emma), Geraldine Moffatt (Doreen)

Cast of Joan: Ann Bell (Joan), Peter Sallis (Mr Street), Angela Pleasance (Jackson), Maurice Quick (Stephen)

Tx: BBC2, 18 September, 9.10pm

* No recording exists

The Wednesday Play: The Last Train Through Harecastle Tunnel, 1969, 1 hr 16 min.

(w. Peter Terson, prod. Irene Shubik, des. Derek Dodd)

Cast: Richard O’ Callaghan (Fowler), John Le Mesurier (Judge Grayson), Paul Brooke (Farquhar), Iain Reid (Smith), Robert Hartley (McCullow), John Owens (Corporal), Bill Lyons (Truculent), Laurie Asprey (Brian), John Gray (Blondie), Jonathan Burn (2nd Lt Florence), Noel Dyson (Mrs Dyson), Claire Davenport (Megs), Victor Platt (Mr Dyson), Joe Gladwin (Adam Coulson), Griffith Davis (Jackie Coulson), John Scott Martin (Ticket man), Angela Pleasence (Beatrice Grayson), Shelagh Fraser (Mrs Grayson), Anthony Kelly (The gardener), Eileen Way (Mrs Phillips), Toke Townley (MrPhillips)

Tx: BBC1, Wednesday 1 October, 9.10pm

Saturday Night Theatre: The Comic, 1969, 53 min.

(w. John Hales, prod. Kenith Trodd, des. Andrew Drummond)

Cast: George Cole (Tod), Isabel Dean (Peggy), Renée Houston (Olive), Hilary Dwyer (Judy)

LWT for ITV, Tx: 29 November, 10.10/10.15pm (Anglia, Border, Central Scotland, Channel Isles, Grampian, Granada, Harlech, Harlech Wales, London Weekend Television, Midlands, Southern, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, Westward)

The Wednesday Play: Sovereign's Company, 1970, 1 hr 20 min.

(w. Don Shaw, prod. Irene Shubik, des. Colin Pigott, DoP Peter Hall)

Cast: Roland Culver (General Cantfield), Gareth Forwood (Andrew Cantfield), James Cosmo (Senior Under Officer Patterson), Stephen Shepherd (Junior Under Officer Sanders), Clive Francis (Dexter), James Hazeldine (Dawkins), Oliver Cotton (Sender), Larry Dann (Hurt), David Rowlands (Dankworth-Lowe), John Wentworth (General Decamps), Laurence Hardy (Colonel Frayne), Moray Watson (Major Hacker), John Nettleton (Major Grace), Graham Lines (Captain Lawrence), Raymond Adamson (R.S.M. (p.165) Power), Lewis Wilson (C.S.M. Larch), Norman Mann (Sergeant Liman), Norman Mitchell (Mr Dawkins), Margaret Lang (Mrs Dawkins), Chris Cunningham (Chauffeur), Ron Conrad (Youth), Stephen Carter (Nigerian Cadet)

Tx: BBC1, 22 April, 9.15pm

Play for Today: I Can’t See My Little Willie, 1970, 1 hr 14 min.

(w. Douglas Livingstone, prod. Irene Shubik, des. Derek Dodd)

Cast: Nigel Stock (Arthur), George A. Cooper (Frank), Avril Elgar (Christine), Jo Rowbottom (Val), Daphne Slater (Mary), Frank Gatliff (Phillips), Ronald Clarke (Johnny), Michael Graham Cox (David), John Scott Martin (Landlord), Patsy Smart (Woman in bar), Matthew Clarke (Janicee), Elaine Donnelly (Louise), Malcom McFee (Peter), Elaine Mitchell (Susan), Harold Goodwin (Dennis), Bert Palmer (Mr Jones), Colin Cunningham (Man in bar), Penny Dixon (Waitress), Alan Lawrance (Salvationist), Harry Davis (Ben), Eric Lindsay, Fred Hugh, Eddie Connor (Barmen), Reggie Cross (Organist)

Tx: BBC1, 19 November, 9.20pm

Play for Today: The Hallelujah Handshake, 1970, 1 hr 15 min.

(w. Colin Welland, prod. Graeme McDonald, des. Colin Pigott, DoP John Wyatt)

Cast: Tony Calvin (Henry), Jeremy Wilkin (Geoff), John Phillips (Rev. Howard Whithead), Lynn Farleigh (Anne), Howell Evans (Bob), June Watson (Wendy), Sheelagh Wilcocks (Mrs Atkinson), Ann Curthoys (Brenda), Harry Davis (Alf), Queenie Watts (Connie), Myles Hoyle (Jim), Michael McKevitt (Andrews), Janet Burnell (Mrs Wyndham), Ralph Ball (Scoutmaster), George Selway, Wesley Murphy, Laurence Terry (Workmen), David Webb (Probation Officer), Eric Longworth (Clerk of the Court), Alan Foss (Magistrate), Simon Barnes (Arresting Officer), John Roden (Police Sergeant), Dennis Castle (Prison Warder), Andrew Benson (Son), Tracey Peryman (Daughter), Nelly Griffiths (Old lady)

Tx: BBC1, 17 December, 9.20pm

Play for Today: Everybody Say Cheese, 1971, 1 hr 13 min.

(w. Douglas Livingstone, prod. Irene Shubik, des. John Cooper)

Cast: Roy Kinnear (Henry Hunter), Avis Bunnage (Hylda Cheatham), James Hazeldine (George Green), George Tovey (Frank Cheatham), Christine Ozanne (Janet Cheatham), Winifred Sabine (Mrs Cramp), (p.166) Margaret Brady (Barbara), Esta Charkham (Dianne), Basil Clarke (Mr Old), Horace James (‘The Maid’), Queenie Watts (Mrs Brass), Sara-Jane Ladbrook (Linda), John Scott Martin (Man at exhibition)

Tx: BBC1, 3 June, 9.20pm

* No recording exists

Thirty Minute Theatre: Under the Age, 1972, 31 min.

(w. E. A. Whitehead, prod. David Rose, des. Margaret Peacock)

Cast: Paul Angelis (Susie), Michael Angelis (Mike), Stephen Bent (Jack), David Lincoln (The Boy), Rosalind Elliot (Alice), Sylvia Brayshay (Sandra)BBC Birmingham, Tx: BBC2, 20 March, 10.40pm

Horace, 1972, 1 hr 30 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Mark Shivas, des. Colin Pigott, DoP John Wyatt)

Cast: Barry Jackson (Horace), Stephen Tantum (Gordon), Christine Hargreaves (Ivy), Talfryn Thomas (Dick), Hazel Coppen (Mrs Radford), James Mellor (Sidney), Patricia Lawrence (Miss Bowler), Robert Hartley (MrScrimshaw), Howard Goorney (Mr Frankel), Ken Perry (Whitsun), Caleigh Simmons (Brenda), Daphne Heard (Mrs Beal), Eric Francis (Customer), Pamela Miles (Waitress), Jeffrey Gardiner (Jeffries)

Tx: BBC2, 21 March, 9.20pm

* A spin-off series, Horace, was made by Yorkshire for ITV, airing at 7.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays between 13 April and 29 April 1982 (w. Roy Minton, prod. Keith Richardson, d. James Cellan Jones)

To Encourage the Others, 1972, 1 hr 44 min.

(w. David Yallop, prod. Mark Shivas, des. Daphne Shortman)

Cast: Charles Bolton (Bentley), Billy Hamon (Craig), Roland Culver (Lord Goddard), Philip Stone (Humphreys), Wensley Pithey (Cassels), John Ringham (Parris), Arthur Lovegrove (Mr Bentley), Carmel McSharry (Mrs Bentley), Michael Sheard (Fairfax), Barbara Hickmott (Iris Bentley), Derrick Slater (Harrison), Ken Halliwell (McDonald), Graham Lines (Bass), Maurice Quick (Stevens), Ronald Mayer (Mr Craig), Vyvian Hall (Albert Bentley), Christopher Coll (Miles), Denis Cleary (Close), Dennis Castle (Warder), Roshan Seth (Jazwon), Keith Campbell (Nickolls), John Beardmore (Clerk of Court), Guy Graham (Foreman of Jury), Philip Howard (Usher)

Tx: BBC2, 28 March, 9.20pm (p.167)

Play for Today: A Life Is For Ever, 1972, 1 hr 16 min.

(w. Tony Parker, prod. Irene Shubik, des. Richard Henry)

Cast: Maurice O’ Connell (Johnson), Neil Seiler (Gibson), David Hargreaves (Peters), Lorrimer (Roy Boyd), Antony Webb (Gemmill), Basil Clarke (Andrews), Roger Hume (Stradley), Tony Meyer (McCallister), Rick James (Williams), Arthur Skinner (Marlow), Terence Davies (Buchan), Dennis Castle (Morton), Simon Castle (Henderson), Ralph Ball (Teacher), Eric French, Peter Jolley, Crawford Lyall (Prison Officers)

Tx: BBC1, Monday 16 October, 9.25pm

Repeat tx: BBC1, 11 July 1974, 9.25pm

* Although the BBC have no copy in their archives, I understand that there is a print in circulation.

The Edwardians: Horatio Bottomley, 1972, 1 hr 19 min.

(w. Julian Bond, prod. Mark Shivas, des. Fanny Taylor)

Cast: Timothy West (Horatio Bottomley), Henry Woolf (Tommy Cox), John Normington (Julius Elias), Basil Clarke (W. J. B. Odhams), John Welsh (Mr Justice Hawkins), June Brown (Eliza Bottomley), Michael Gover (Reuben Bigland), Anthony Webb (Willie Lotinga), George Merritt (Old man), Christopher Banks (Mr Justice Salter), Norman Claridge (Sir Charles Russell KC), Norman Barrington (Melvyn Hayes), Robert Hartley (Frank Russell), Frederick Hall (Travers Humphreys), John Gatrell (O’Hagan), Fred McNaughton (Jury foreman), Guy Graham (Shareholder), Peter Jolley (Member of audience), Terry Francis (Cashier), Reg Matthews (Greaney), Johnny Clayton (Hess), Simon Conrad (Boy from Odhams)

Tx: BBC2, 28 November, 9.25pm

Achilles Heel, 1973, 56 min.

(w. Brian Clark, prod. Verity Lambert, des. Roger Hall)

Cast: Martin Shaw (Dave Irwin), Charlotte Howard (Mandy Irwin), Fred Griffiths (Wilf), Alan Barry (Ted), Margaret Heald (Girl), Matthew Guinness (Pete Colwyn), Norman Jones (Jerry Wilbur), Richard Steele (Doctor), John Rae (Mr Bennett), Mike Kinsey (First barman), Ronald Hackett (Les Dawson), Michael Earl (First pub customer), Craig McFarlane (Small boy), Kenneth Cranham (Gordon), Karen Boyes (Fiona), Ken Haward (Man in car), Dan Caulfield (Second barman), Richard Henry (Second pub customer), Brian Moore (Commentator)

LWT for ITV, Tx: 18 March, 10.15pm (p.168)

Play for Today: Man Above Men, 1973, 1 hr 13 min.

(w. David Hare, prod. Mark Shivas, des. Fanny Taylor)

Cast: Gwen Watford (Susan), Alexander Knox (the Judge), John Gatrell (First Prosecuting Counsel), John Moore (Benson), John Salthouse (Andrews), Nellie Griffiths (Old woman), Cheryl Hall (Ann), Lewis Wilson (Attendant), Elizabeth Bell (Barbra), Louise Nelson (Nurse), Myles Hoyle (Ian), Charles Kinross (Second Prosecuting Counsel), Maggie Flint (Mrs Andrews), Amelia Bayntun (Mrs Marshall), Oliver Maguire (Kelly)

Tx: BBC1, 19 March, 9.25pm

* No recording exists

Play of the Month: The Love-Girl and the Innocent, 1973, 2 hr 7 min.

(w. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, adapted by Nicholas Bethell, David Burg, prod. Cedric Messina, des. Richard Henry, Robert Berk)

Cast: David Leland (Nemov), Gabrielle Lloyd (Lyuba), Richard Durden (Khomich), Patrick Stewart (Gurvich), Allan Surtees (Brylor), Michael Poole (Yakhimchuk), Barry Jackson (Gai), John Kane (Chegenyov), Barbara Hickmott (Granya), Theresa Watson (Shurochka), Alan Gerrard (Kolodey), Terence Davies (Kostya), John Quarmby (Mereshchun), Jan Conrad (Munitsa), Forbes Collins (Chmuta), Reg Pritchard (Ovchukhov), Hal Jeayes (Dorofeyev), Malcolm Hayes (Solomon), James Ottoway (Belobotnikov), Arthur Whybrow (Goldtooth), Eric Mason (Georgie), James Coyle (Lennie), Edward Finn (Vitka), John Herrington (Fomin), George Comack (Gontoir), Len Maley (Kaplyuzhnikov), Peter Schofield (Visiting Warder), Jeffrey Chegwin (Dimka), Trevor Lawrence (Angel), Violet Lee Own (Bella), Robert Robinson (Aga Mirza), Vass Anderson (Pososhkov), Anthony Brothers (Escort Sergeant), William Ridoutt (Bath orderly), Michael Golden (Cook), Alexis Chesnakov (Musician), David Ellison (First bricklayer), Norman Ettlinger (First foreman), Carl Forgione (First man), Peter Geddis (First gangleader), Brian Grellis (Machineshop foreman), Reg Hogarth (Accordionist), Merelina Kendall (First woman), Lynne Preston (First student), Frank Seton (Goner), Ted Valentine (Smith foreman)

Tx: BBC1, 16 September, 8.15pm

Play for Today: Penda's Fen, 1974, 1 hr 29 min.

(w. David Rudkin, prod. David Rose, des. Michael Edwards, DoP Michael Williams)

Cast: Spencer Banks (Stephen), Georgina Anderson (Mrs Franklin), John Atkinson (Reverend Franklin), Ron Smerczak (Joel), John Richmond (Headmaster), Ian Hogg (Arne), Jennie Hesselwood (Mrs Arne), John Scott (p.169) (Nicholas Pole), Roy Preston (Brott), Ian Gemmell (Harry), Joyce Grundy (Mrs Gisbourne), Ivor Roberts (Cooke), Moray Black (Sixth-former), Christopher Douglas (Honeybone), Frank Veasey (Council workman), Elizabeth Reville (Nurse), Pat Bowker (Joel's girl), Graham Leaman (SirEdward), Helen McCarthy (Mrs Kings), Joan Scott (The Lady), Roy Gatenby (The Man), Geoffrey Staines (King Penda), Geoffrey Pennells (Demon), Martin Reynolds (Angel)

BBC Birmingham, Tx: BBC1, 21 March, 9.25pm

Play for Today: A Follower for Emily, 1974, 1 hr 3 min.

(w. Brian Clark, prod. Graeme McDonald, des. Richard Henry)

Cast: Herbert Ramskill (Harry Lenton), Betty Woolfe (Emily Selby), Frederick Bennett (Bert Nichols), Ella Milne (Edie Branch), June Watson (Matron), Jumoke Debayo (Evelyn), Margaret Heald (Jean), Bart Allison (Mr Morgan), Vi Delma (Mrs Gadsby), Jeanne Doree (Mrs Brown), Richard Gregory (Mr Railton), Claudette Critchlow (Jane), Valerie Murray (Maria), Barbara New (Ann Johnson), William Ridoutt (John Nichols), John Dolan (Mr Taylor), Toby Lenon (Mr Brammall), Julie May, Jacqueline Blackmore (Domestics)

Tx: BBC1, 4 July, 9.25pm

Play for Today: Funny Farm, 1975, 1 hr 33 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Mark Shivas, des. Richard Henry)

Cast: Tim Preece (Alan Welbeck), Gordon Christie (Jack), Michael Percival (John), Chris Sanders (Bill Spence), Allan Surtees (Arthur Rothwell), Bernard Severn (Ted Spinner), Michael Bilton (Sidney Charlton), Wally Thomas (Mr Chadd), Kenneth Scott (Jonathan), Anthony Langdon (Les Dewhurst), Donald Bisset (Mr Scully), Terence Davies (Walter), John Locke (Jeff West), Helena McCarthy (Joyce), Francis Mortimer (Graham), Arnold Diamond (James Ball), Dorothy Frere (Edna Ball), Patricia Moore (Miss Taylor)

Tx: BBC1, 27 February, 9.25pm

Diane, 1975, 1 hr 35 min.

(w. ‘David Agnew’ [Jonathan Hales], prod. Mark Shivas, des. Austen Spriggs, DoP David Whitson, Peter Hall)

Cast: Janine Drzewicki [Duvitksi] (Diane), Frank Mills (Weaver), Tim Preece (Terry), Paul Copley (Jim), Charles Bolton (Harry), Colin Higgins (p.170) (Kevin), Oliver Maguire (Rooney), Dee Anderson (Carol), Mario Renzullo (Dave), Peter Hugo Daly (Benny), Peter Newby (Brian), David Janson (Alan) Tx: BBC2, 9 July, 9.00pm

Love for Lydia, 1976, untransmitted

(w. Julian Bond, prod. Richard Bates)

* See Chapter 2. Clarke's episodes were never shown, though both exist in the archives. The episodes were remade for the transmitted series, which ran from 9 September 1977 on ITV and is now available on DVD

Plays for Britain: Fast Hands, 1976, 48 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Barry Hanson, des. Alex MacIntyre)

Cast: Bill Buffery (Jimmy), Ernie Claydon (Eggie), Peter Spraggon (Ray Prince), Stephen Bill (Geoff), Gillian Taylforth (Maureen), Maria Charles (Hilda), Frederick Radley (Harry), Chas Bryer (Peter), Paul Davis (Warboys), Bruce Wells (MC), George Howard (Referee), Joe Devitt, Ron Horn, Mort Jackson, Joe Willsher (Seconds), Brian Hawksley (Dr Brittain)

Thames for ITV, Tx: 4 May, 9.00pm

Bukovsky, 1977, untransmitted

(independent production, prod. David Markham)

* See Chapter 2

Play for Today: Scum, 1977 untransmitted/1991, 1 hr 14 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Margaret Matheson, des. Tony Thorpe, DoP John Wyatt)

Cast: Trainees: Raymond Winstone (Carlin), David Threlfall (Archer), Martin Phillips (Davis), Davidson Knight (Angel), John Blundell (Banks), Phil Daniels (Richards), Ray Burdis (Eckersley), Patrick Murray (Dougan), Ian Sharrock (Rhodes), Tony London (Woods), Peter Kinley (Betts), Sheridan Earl Russell (Jackson), Colin Mayes (Sumner), Trevor Butler (Toyne), Philip Da Costa (Formby), Peter Francis (Baldy), Steven Butler, Michael Deeks, Mark Dunn, Christopher Gilbert, Simon Howe, Mike Mungaven, Reggae Ranjha, William Vanderpuye. Officers: Richard Butler (Governor), John Judd (Sands), Bay White (Matron), Peter Gordon (Goodyear), Stewart Harwood (Greaves), Robin Hopwood (Burton), Dennis Castle (Duke), (p.171) David Stockton (White), Julian Hudson (PT Instructor), George Lee (Chief Officer), Sean Hopwood, Ray Jewers, Joe Fordham (Block officers)

Tx: (Intended: BBC1 Play for Today 8 November 1977, untransmitted), BBC2 Alan Clarke Season, 27 July 1991, 11.53pm

* Available on DVD in UK and US

Play of the Month: Danton's Death, 1978, 1 hr 34 min.

(w. Georg Büchner, freely adapted by Stuart Griffiths, Alan Clarke, prod. David Jones, des. Stuart Walker)

Cast: Norman Rodway (Danton), Ian Richardson (Robespierre), Peter Gordon (Delegate from Lyons), Katherine Fahy (Julie), Felicity Gibson (Marchioness), Mandy Woodward (Eugenie), Shane Briant (Herault-Sechelles), Anthony Higgins (Camille), Emma Williams (Marion), James Aubrey (Lacroix), Carole Harrison (Rosalie), Nell Brennan (Adelaide), Roger Sloman (Barere), Michael Pennington (Saint-Just), William March (Young gentleman), Michael Bilton (First gentleman), Christopher Banks (Second gentleman), Zoe Wanamaker (Lucille), Michael Hughes (Legendre), Don Henderson (Mercier), John Woodnutt (Fouquier-Tinville), Seymour Matthews (Herman), Jonathan Adams (Collot d’Herbois), Michael Cronin (Billaud-Varennes), Nigel Lambert (Narrator)

Tx: BBC1, 23 April, 8.05pm

Play for Today: Nina, 1978, 1 hr 17 min.

(w. Jehane Markham, prod. Margaret Matheson, des. Dick Coles, DoP Peter Bartlett)

Cast: Eleanor Bron (Nina), Jack Shepherd (Yuri), Merelina Kendall (Nursing Sister), Jonathan David (Dr Ivanov), Paul Lockwood (Kolya), Helena McCarthy (Mother), James Woolley (Adrian), Brian Hawksley (Dr McEndrick), Keith Campbell (Dr Golding), Roger Brierley (Trevor), Linda Polan (Yvonne), Alan Foss (Dr Peter Stein), Jonathan Darvill (Phillip), Jane Wood (Pam), Colin Higgins (Nicky), Bruce Boa (Arthur Bates), Kate Binchy (Betty Bates), Derek Brechin (TV interviewer)

Tx: BBC1, 17 October, 9.25pm

Scum, 1979, 1 hr 37 min.

(w. Roy Minton, prod. Davina Belling, Clive Parsons, associate prod. Martin Campbell, executive prod. Michael Relph, Don Boyd, art director Michael Porter, DoP Phil Meheux)

Cast: Ray Winstone (Carlin), Mick Ford (Archer), Julian Firth (Davis), John (p.172) Blundell (Banks), Phil Daniels (Richards), John Fowler (Woods), Ray Burdis (Eckersley), Patrick Murray (Dougan), Herbert Norville (Toyne), George Winter (Rhodes), Alrick Riley (Angel), Peter Francis (Baldy), Philip Da Costa (Jackson), Perry Benson (Formby), Alan Igbon (Meakin), Andrew Paul (Betts), Sean Chapman (James), Ozzie Stevens (Smith), Ricky Wales (Chambers), Peter Howell (Governor), John Judd (Sands), Jo Kendall (Matron), John Grillo (Goodyear), Philip Jackson (Greaves), Bill Dean (Duke), P. H. Moriarty (Hunt), Nigel Humphreys (Taylor), James Donnelly (Whittle), Joe Fordham (Reg), Ray Jewers (Gym Instructor), Ian Liston (White), Charles Rayford (Philpott), John Rogan (Escort)

Film released by GTO/Berwick Street Films, GB

First tx: Channel Four, 10 June 1983, 11.30pm

* Available on DVD and VHS in UK and on DVD in US

Vodka Cola, 1980, 53 min.

(prod./dir. Alan Clarke, researcher Nicholas Claxton, photography Noel Smart)

ATV for ITV, Tx 22 July, 10.30pm

Play for Today: Beloved Enemy, 1981, 1 hr 15 min.

(w. David Leland, prod. Keith Williams, des. Don Giles, DoP Elmer Cossey, Barry McCann)

Cast: Graham Crowden (Sir Peter), Tony Doyle (Blake), Steven Berkoff (Kozlov), Oscar Quitak (Whitaker), Larry Hoodekoff (Boris), Eileen Helsby (Maggie), Wendy Gifford (Barbara), Richard Bebb (Robbie), Glenn Williams (Waters), Jerry Harte (Kettner), Malcolm Ingram (Clive), Edward Dentith (Bob), Czeslaw Grocholski (Vasin), George Pravda (Pervitsky), Jiri Stanislav (Russian interpreter), Philippa Jarvis (English interpreter)

Tx: BBC1, 10 February, 9.25pm

Play for Today: Psy-Warriors, 1981, 1 hr 13 min.

(w. David Leland, prod. June Roberts, des. Marjorie Pratt)

Cast: Rosalind Ayres (Turner), Anthony Bate (Warren), Colin Blakely (Northey), Warren Clarke (Stevens), Julian Curry (Hooper), John Duttine (Stone), Derrick O’Connor (Richards), Laurence Payne (Weaver), Bill Stewart (Doctor), Roger Evans, Terry Forrestal, David McGaw, Paul Vaughan-Teague (Guards)

Tx: BBC1, 12 May, 10.15pm (p.173)

Classic Play: Baal, 1982, 1 hr 3 min.

(BBC documentation states Classic Play, but was referred to as David Bowie in Baal on-screen and in publicity)

(w. Bertolt Brecht, adapted for television by John Willett and Alan Clarke, translated by John Willett, prod. Louis Marks, des. Tony Abbott)

Cast: David Bowie (Baal), Robert Austin (Mech), Russell Wootton (Piller), Julian Wadham (Johannes), Juliet Hammond-Hill (Emilie), Jonathan Kent (Eckhart), Wally Thomas (First cab driver), Roy Evans (Second cab driver), Michael Miller (Hargreaves), Sylvia Brayshay (Louise), Tracey Childs (Johanna), Paola Dionisotti (Porter's wife), Zoe Wanamaker (Sophie), Polly James (Soubrette), Hugh Walters (Pianist), Leon Lissek (Mjurk), Julian Littman (Lupu), James Duggan (First policeman), Bill Stewart (Second policeman), Brian Coburn (First woodcutter), P. J. Davidson (Second woodcutter), Michael Hughes (Third woodcutter), Trevor Cooper (Fourth woodcutter)

Tx: BBC1, 2 March, 9.25pm

Brief Encounters, 1983

(prod. Marshall Marinker, edited by John Holloway, Video Presentations) MSD Foundation

Tales Out of School: Made in Britain, 1983, 1 hr 13 min.

(w. David Leland, prod. Margaret Matheson, art director Jamie Leonard, DoP. Chris Menges)

Cast: Tim Roth (Trevor), Terry Richards (Errol), Bill Stewart (Peter Clive), Eric Richard (Harry Parker), Geoffrey Hutchings (Superintendent), Sean Chapman (Barry Giller), John Bleasdale (Policeman), Noel Diacomo (Solicitor), Maurice Quick (Magistrate), Sharon Courtney (House Parent), Stephen Sweeney (Job Centre Youth), Kim Benson, Catherine Clarke (Job Centre Girls), Jean Marlow (Job Centre Woman), Jim Dunk (Chef), Vass Anderson (Canteen Manager), David Baldwin (Leroy), Allister Bain (Hopkins), Richard Bremmer (Policeman), Brian Hayes, Jiri Stanislav (Men on stairs), Frankie Cosgrove (Viv Parker), Christopher Fulford (PC Anson), Eric Kent, Joan Ware, Madelenine Athansi, Virginia Frol, Hyacinth Malcolm, Cathy Murphy, Gary Patrick, Ava Hrela

Central for ITV, Tx: 10 July, 10.30pm

* Available on DVD and VHS in UK and on DVD in US (p.174)

The British Desk, 1984, 52 min.

(prod. Nicholas Claxton, editor Paul Cleary)

Central for ITV, Tx: 8 May, 10.30pm

Stars of the Roller State Disco, 1984, 1 hr 12 min.

(w. Michael Hastings, prod. Michael Wearing, des. David Hitchcock)

Cast: Perry Benson (Carly), Cathy Murphy (Paulette), Christina Greatrex (Voicespeak), Paul McKenzie (Burt), Bernice Rowe (Deborah), Gary Beadle (Derek), Suzette Llewellyn (Sharon), Kate Hardie (Margaret), Catherine Clarke (Janice), David Sibley (Doctor), Christine Ozanne (Carly's mum), Gary Hailes (Barry), Sam Smart (Jason), Steve Fletcher, Graham Fletcher Cook (Hooligans), Pete Lee Wilson (Charles), Chris Lang (Desmond), Gillian Taylforth (Kiosk typist), Lilian Rostkowska, Kamilla Blanche, Beverley Martin, Nula Conwell (Typists), Ashley George (Marvis), Jason Cunliffe (‘Livver Boy’), Jem Ahmet (Fat boy), Dennis Savage (Weightlifter), Richard Bremmer (Security guard), Charles Rayford (Night security guard), John Blundell, Veronique Choolhum, Danny Schiller, Sarah Doyle, Debbie Lennon, Miles Ross, David Chandler (Video training staff)

Tx: BBC1, 4 December, 9.25pm

Screen Two: Contact, 1985, 1 hr 6 min.

(w. A. F. N. Clarke, prod. Terry Coles, des. Michael Young, DoP Philip Bonham-Carter)

Cast: Sean Chapman (Platoon commander), John Blundell (Corporal), Ozzie Stevens (Lance Corporal), Jem Ahmet, Jason Cunliffe, Steve Fletcher, Graham Fletcher Cook, Gary Hailes, Chris Lee, Dennis Savage, Sam Smart, Steve Sweeney (Men), James Matthews (Farmer)

Tx: BBC2, Sunday 6 January, 10.10pm.

Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire, 1986, 1 hr 30 min.

(w. Trevor Preston, lyrics by Trevor Preston/music by George Fenton, prod. Simon Mallin, production designer Jamie Leonard, DoP Clive Tickner)

Cast: Phil Daniels (Billy Kid), Alun Armstrong (Maxwell Randall), Bruce Payne (TO), Louise Gold (Miss Sullivan), Eve Ferret (Mrs Randall), Richard Riding (Egypt), Don Henderson (The Wednesday Man), Neil McCaul (Big Jack Jay), Zoot Money (Supersonic Sam), David Foxxe (The Spook), Johnny Dennis (Referee), Trevor Laird (Floyd), Daniel Webb (TV Director), Ben Cole, Peter Cooke, Trevor Cooper, Chrissie Cotterill, Sarah Crowden, Ricky (p.175) Diamond, Teresa Garraway, Peter Geeves, Glyn Grimstead, Tracie Hart, Sam Howard, Gareth Kirkland, Edwina Lawrie, Claire Lewis, Kevin Lloyd, Sarah London, Christian Mathews, Liz Morton, Paul Mulrannan, Clive Panto, Robert Pereno, Caroline Quentin, Nick Revell, George Rossi, Liza Sadovy, Roger Tebb, Claire Toeman, Tim Whitnall, Justin Case, Tony Chinn, Joe Fordham, Lisa Hart, Johnny Irving, Arnold Lee, Lyndsay Neil, Joan Rhodes, Fiona Sloman, Gillian de Terville

Film released by Zenith Productions with ITC Entertainment, GB First tx: Channel Four, 2 April 1987

Rita, Sue and Bob Too, 1987, 1 hr 29 min.

(w. Andrea Dunbar, prod. Sandy Lieberson, co-prod. Patsy Pollock, executive prod. Oscar Levenstein, production designer Len Huntingford, DoP David Jackson, Steve Saunderson)

Cast: Siobhan Finneran (Rita), Michelle Holmes (Sue), George Costigan (Bob), Lesley Sharp (Michelle), Willie Ross (Sue's Father), Patti Nichols (Sue's Mother), Kulvinder Ghir (Aslam)

Film released by Umbrella Entertainment Productions for British Screen and Channel Four

First tx: Channel Four, 10 May 1990

* Available on DVD and VHS in UK

Screenplay: Christine, 1987, 51 min.

(w. Arthur Ellis, Alan Clarke, prod. Brenda Reid, des. John Coleman, DoP David Jackson, Steve Saunderson)

Cast: Vicky Murdock (Christine), Kelly George (Eddie), Joanne Mapp (Jessie), Mark Harvey (Ben), Anthony Smith (Eric)

Tx: BBC2, 23 September, 9.25pm

Screenplay: Road, 1987, 1 hr 2 min.

(w. Jim Cartwright, prod. Andree Molyneux, David M. Thompson, des. Stuart Walker, DoP John Ward, John Goodyear)

Cast: Jane Horrocks (Louise), Mossie Smith (Carol), Neil Dudgeon (Brink), William Armstrong (Eddie), Susan Brown (Helen), David Thewlis (Joey), Moya Brady (Clare), Alan David (Jerry), Lesley Sharp (Valerie), Barbara Keogh (Brenda), Tim Dantay (Soldier), Andrew Wilde (Brother), Willie Ross (Dad)

Tx: BBC2, 7 October, 9.25pm (p.176)

Elephant, 1989, 37 min.

(w. no credit [BBC records attribute copyright to Alan Clarke, Bill Morrison, Chris Ryder], prod. Danny Boyle, des. Paul Clarke, DoP Philip Dawson, John Ward)

Cast: Gary Walker, Bill Hamilton, Michael Foyle, Danny Small, Robert Taylor, Joe Cauley, Noel McGee, Patrick Condren, Andrew Downs, Terence Doyle, Michael Liebmann, Gavin Bloomer, Barry Brent, Paul Nemeer, Sam Doyle, Burt Murray, Tim Loane, Kenny Harris, Paddy Rocks, Ken McIlroy, Hamish Fyfe, Trevor Moore, William Walker, Brian Giffen, Billy Dee, Michael Fieldhouse, William McAllister, Alan Craig, Stephen Potter, David McDade, Mark O’Donnell, James Moore, Mike Maxwell, Michael Magee, Nigel Craig, Liam Hefferon, B. J. Hogg, Bobby Stinton, Dave Bustard, Brian McGabhann, David Smith, Niall McLean

BBC Northern Ireland, Tx: BBC2, 25 January, 9.50pm

* Available on DVD in US

Screen Two: The Firm, 1989, 1 hr 7 min.

(w. Al Hunter, prod. David M. Thompson, des. Chris Robilliard, DoP John Ward, with Richard Philpott, Ben Philpott)

Cast: Gary Oldman (Bex), Lesley Manville (Sue), Philip Davis (Yeti), Andrew Wilde (Oboe), Charles Lawson (Trigg), William Vanderpuye (Aitch), Jay Simpson (Dominic), Patrick Murray (Nunk), Robbie Gee (Snowy), Terry Sue Patt (Yusef), Nick Dunning (Simon), Nicholas Hewetson (Beef), Steve McFadden (Billy), Steve Sweeney (JT), Hepburn Graham (Stu), Dan Hildebrand (Sully), Kevin Allen (Lomax), Roderick Smith (Cliffie), Martin Barrass (Alan), Stephen Petcher (Mark), Herbert Noville (Joe), William Hayes (Phil), Dave Atkins (Bill), Kim Durham (Hospital PC), Stefan Escreet (Travel agent), Robert Hamilton (Pullen), Phillip Joseph (Sociologist), Debbie Killingback (Gill), Mark Monero (Wesley), Cassie Stuart (Siobhan), Mandy Vickerman (Strippergram), Jo Warne (Ethel), James Woolley (Housebuyer), Albert Bentall (Sammy)

Tx: BBC2, 26 February, 10.10pm

* Available on DVD and VHS in UK and on DVD in US